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Anna McWee was born in April 1937. The war started in 1939. She attended Eastbank Primary School from 1942 to 1949. Anna has many childhood school memories, especially practising using her gas mask, which was drilled every week at school.  Thankfully she never had to use it for real.

Anna McWee


"One of the privileges of being a senior student was being allowed to buy cakes from Houston’s the bakers at playtime;
one pupil would be sent with a list to purchase the for the class.  The baker’s back windows opened on to one of the “sheds” and the smells were amazing and it was a warm place to be on a cold day!"



Anna remembers that the PE Teacher, Miss Eadie, formed a Keep Fit Display Team.  The exercises were performed to light classical music. No instructions were given as the change of tune indicated the next exercise.


As we all had to be dressed alike a bale of yellow material was ordered in Lewis’ in Argyle Street.  Each girl had to buy the pattern, purchase the material and the zip and have the outfit made!   The school badge was sewn on the front.   To make the ‘uniform’ complete each girl had to purchase white knickers and the correct yellow dye so that they matched the outfit.


Displays were given at the Annual School Concert in the Wellshot Halls and at other places on request. There was a special school display at the Bellahouston Palace of Art circa 1954.

Ishbel Campbell, in the video below, recalls that the Academy weekly church services were held in Shettleston Old Church.

Ishbel also remembers that the prize giving was usually held in the church. However, the year she left school it was held in the State Cinema!  Read more about the State Cinema in the Shettleston Road page.

Ishbel Campbell 

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